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Foodie Gift Guide 2017

Hey Guys,

Its been a minute since I have put up a blog post and for this one its going to be a bit different, as in no recipe, but a list of my favorite kitchen items that are perfect to give to your foodie friend or family member. For most of these I am giving you the website that links to the maker of said product so that you can find out as much information as you would like. Most of these items are available through Amazon as well.


Anova Immersion Circulator $99

I finally gave in and bought myself one of these the other week. So far I am super impressed with everything about it. In the restaurants I used to work at Sous Vide was very common technique and really does make cooking fool proof. The professional models run in excess of $800 so, to get one as low as $99 is a steal! There is a learning curve and additional equipment that the foodie will need to get but there are a ton of online resources available.  Check out Chef Steps.


Big Heart Tea Sampler $50

I love Big Heart Tea!! Hand blended right here in St. Louis, they really love Tea and it shows. This is a perfect gift because every single tea blend in their line is an experience. My personal favorite is their Edith Grey, I cold brew it over night in a quart container so that next day all I have to do is pull the tea out, put a top on it, and I have iced tea for the day. 




Shun Premeire 7-In Cooks Knife $213

Before you try to slap me for recommending a $200 present, hear me out.

For a cook, the chefs knife is an everyday use item, and the better(sharper) the knife the easier and more enjoyable your day is. Shun has cheaper knifes such as the Sora 6-In Chefs knife for $88 and they are just as comfortable and a great product, But the premiere series is a major jump in quality and feel. My thought is that your Foodie Friend probably already has the beginner knife set and would use this knife every chance they got. 


More to come soon!