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Silk Rodeo Pop up



I wanted to share with you some of the images that Rick Gould took at a pop-up I did with Hammer and Hand as a part of their Silk Rodeo Dinner Series. To say the event was amazing would be an understatement. I truly love the energy of pop-ups, from the guest to the team that makes it happen. I left that evening saying to myself "I will remember this night for the rest of my life" We ended up in a Mid Century modern home in Frontenac and boy was it beautiful! The kitchen was so dreamy and spacious that I could post up their and make a 30 seat restaurant easy. 

I love to utilize as many local farmers as possible so big thanks goes out to Eckerts Farm, Double Star Farms, Tonys Family Farms, and Bohlen Family Farms for producing such amazing products! We ended up doing six courses with wine pairings by Andrey Ivanov of Reeds American Table

Also I couldn't of done it without the help of the following individuals in no particular order

  • Brittany Hoff

  • Alex Salkowski

  • Kenneth Mao

  • Keith Ordelheide

  • David Ledbetter

  • Rex Hale

  • Rek Mohr

  • Alex Claus

1st Course-Local veggie spring roll with peanut herb sauce.

2nd Course-Yellow squash salad. mushrooms, radish

3rd Course-Peeled cherry tomatoes, tomato water dashi, cilantro flowers, olive oil

4th Course-Salt baked new potatoes, buttermilk, cured egg yolk, cucumber, bonito, charred onion vinaigrette

5th Course-Grassfed ribeye with charred broccoli, sour cherry, red cabbage, rice

6th Course-Coconut panna cotta blackberries, peaches, ginger, lime