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Strawberry+Maple Syrup


Strawberry season is in full swing and you should be taking full advantage of this amazing offering that only last 4-5 weeks at best in the Midwest. If I have the time I love to pick my own from Eckert’s farm, and if you’re not into all that, they have plenty that are already picked and ready for you to buy in their country store. With their Belleville location my wife and I will often pick up the niece and nephews and head over for a day of fun filled adventure. I really believe that it’s important to show children or anyone for that matter where our food comes from. When you experience first-hand what it’s like to pick your own food you gain a whole new respect and appreciation for the berries that are already picked and waiting for you in the grocery store.

I absolutely love French toast and thought, what better to complement French toast then some fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup. In this post I will provide you with the Strawberry Syrup recipe and I will follow it up shortly with my French toast recipe that is spiked with lots of powdered ginger to compliment the cinnamon making it into something more than your regular French toast.

Strawberry Syrup (Yields 2 Cups)


·1 Pint strawberries (cleaned and cut in half)

·1 cup water

·1 cup maple syrup

Step 1

Combine strawberries in a sauce pan and cook over medium heat until water has evaporated

Step 2

Transfer strawberries to a blender and place maple syrup on top. Puree until smooth and reserve for use.

This syrup can be stored in an airtight container under refrigerator for up to a month.


Finished syrup with French toast

Cut strawberries before cooking

Cut strawberries before cooking

cooked strawberries

cooked strawberries


finished syrup