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Summer Fruit Tonic

I am a big fan of giving my body as many nutrient’s as possible. Especially, if I feel that I am on my way to getting a cold. When that happens I immediately start taking my D3, Vitamin C, Spirulina, Chaga Mushrooms, Magnesium, and Zinc in high dosages to help my immune system fight whatever is going around. Since its summer and we have all these wonderful fruits lying around the house I will also make this drink once a week to help keep me performing at my best.

Summer Fruit Tonic

Ingredients (serves 1-2)

·         ½ apple (no seeds)

·         Juice of 1 orange

·         Juice of ½ lime

·         1 small piece of peeled ginger

·         1 tablespoon chia seeds

·         1 tablespoon hemp seeds

·         4-5 mint leaves

·         1 cup fresh watermelon

·         20 pitted cherries


Place all ingredients in blender and blend on high for 30 second. Serve over Ice