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Tomato Braised Chicken

One of my favorite meal prep hacks.

2 rotisserie chicken

1 jar tomato sauce

4 pc fresh garlic 

2oz red wine vinegar


Remove meat from chicken, keep bones for stock.

Put tomato sauce in large pot and put over medium heat.

Gently shred chicken with hands and place into tomato sauce.

Microplane garlic and put into sauce along with red wine vinegar.

Season with salt and lots of pepper.

Simmer uncovered 30 minutes or until sauce coats chicken.

Notes:This will last in fridge for 7 days in a covered airtight container.

This goes great with all sorts of things(Mexican rice, pasta, steamed vegetables)

I prefer the organic tomato passata from @wholefoodsstl  If your Keto or low carb feel free to throw a splash of good olive oil in there as well.

Some @srirachagranada Or @code3spices Would be great addition to this!