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Personal Chef Services

How does it work?

Generally we set a weekly time for me to arrive at your house, we plan the menu ahead of time, I shop, cook, clean and put away all food. I usually spend 3 hours in home and the average cost is $250

What can you make?

Pretty much nothing is off limits, most of my clients are looking to feed the entire family and are looking for value/volume driven food. I personally tend to cook with lots of vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

What if i need to skip a week or two?

No problem at all, I request that you give me a couple days notice if possible and I will gladly take an afternoon off.    


Meal Prep


Can you cook all my meals?

Correct, if your have certain physique goals I can help you achieve them with individually portioned meals tailored to your exact needs.

What if I have dietary restrictions/aversions?

No Problem at all, I can work around any dietary needs.

What if I don't know what I need to eat to be "healthy"?

We will work to figure out your exact needs/goals and from there I can plan your meals based off your macros/calorie requirements.

How much does something like this cost?

These individual meals range from $10-$14 per with a $200 minimum.


In-Home Dinners

How do I book with you? 

Its as easy as confirming a date and putting down a small non-refundable deposit that goes towards final bill.

How is the menu made?

I usually like to make the final menu in the days leading up to your event as I love to use the best of what is in season currently. We will have already worked out amount of courses and style of the evening ahead. I always keep the guest in mind when creating the menu so that everything is enjoyable.

How many people can you accommodate?

I usually do everything myself from cooking, serving, and cleaning so 16 people is the max that I can do by myself. For larger parties I will typically bring in extra hand or two for the evening.

Does my event have to be a sit down dinner?

Absolutely not, I love to cook for all sorts of events such as baby showers, cocktail parties, and wine tastings.